perf #s for GRF vs 7500 Re: Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP S witch?

From: Jeremy Hinton <>

  > AFAIK, ANS has stock hardware (FRE/ARE, with ARE performing
  >soloist duties), same as us and other Bay cutsomers. Software is another
  >issue though. Rob can probably shed some extra light on this, but i'll add
  >what i've gathered.

Yep, this is all correct.

  >mainstream progressed up to 11.x (w/ISP mode having *some* of the ANS
  >addendums). 12.x is supposed to bring the code lines closer together,
  >though i'd imagine ANS will still have needs that wont be rolled into the
  >mainstream code.

Jeff Burgan's comments from yesterday summed it up pretty well, and he
knows much more about this than I. I'd imagine your local bay guy would
have the details of which stuff is in which release.