Is there a "standardized" depository of information where lists of which AS�s
are present
in which exchange(s)? RADB does not really cut it since it only lists the
of the interconnect, not really identifying the facility. Obviously I�m aware
that most
IXn list their participants on a web site but I�m looking for more machine


Did you already check This DB lists all ASN connected to any Euro-IX member (currently 23).

Regards, Arnold

Stalk them via DNS... that's as close as it gets. That URL updates once an
hour if people want to use it, but it really needs someone to design a
web interface with an updating list of "what's new".

Of course, it'd help if IX operators kept their DNS updated. We're at
7 of the listed IX (aads, linx1, linx2, mae-east, mae-west, nyiix, paix-pao),
but only 4 of them (linx1, linx2, mae-east, nyiix) have a DNS entry for us.


Hi Simon,

with PAIX you surely get someone at PAIX do it for you, for
MAE West go to and submit a change...? I do not know
if PAIX does the reverse themselves, but for MAE West I am

It's as easy.