PeeringDB Hackathon - looking for feature requests

PeeringDB is looking at participating at an upcoming NANOG Hackathon. One of the ideas for a theme is to improve the API. Specifically by adding API calls for common use cases that people need to handle outside of the API. Typically, by dumping the entire database to SQL For example - given two IXes, which networks are present at both? We'd like to make a list of such useful queries such that people don't have to dump the database just to run them. A stretch goal would be to expose into the website instead of requiring API calls.

This issue has some more detail, including a few existing ideas: Add API calls for commonly run queries · Issue #1020 · peeringdb/peeringdb · GitHub

Comments there or in email to me would be super helpful. As always, if there are other feature requests for PeeringDB, feel free to create an issue in github ( ) or in email, even if they're not strictly Hackathon ideas. They are always appreciated!


PeeringDB Product Committee chair

A nice feature could be, while logged in, to highlight the IXPs shared
with the ASN currently displayed.

I agree that this would be an interesting feature as it is something we commonly do over here using two or more queries.


Thanks to all who submitted ideas for improving the API - we've added those to the backlog and plan to work on them in future PeeringDB releases or Hackathons.

We ended up moving to the IPv6 theme for the NANOG Hackathon - PeeringDB has several items available to work on around improving simple search on peeringdb - including searching for IP addresses or cidrs. We'd love anyone who's participating in the upcoming Hackathon to help out and make PeeringDB better!

Also, while I have you - another plug to fill in our 2021 survey: PeeringDB's 2021 User Survey
We'd really appreciate more input from the community on what we're doing well, could be doing better, etc. Thanks!


This is the project that's being worked on at the NANOG 84 Hackathon:

If you want to join in, you're welcome!