Peering versus Transit

But you're talking about getting connections to 3 exchange points and
the "stuff" in between. I would say costs might be roughly even.

That is exactly what I am talking about. The cost of getting the
connection to a meet point is minimal.. the people and equipment are costs.
That is why if a small provider gets a connection to a single meet point
no one wants to peer with them, they don't have the engineer, monitoring,
and maintenance.

But what about when you add in the network engineering, monitoring,
and maintenance you need when you run your own network? Have you
checked out market price on clueful network people who dance with
BGP? The cost comparison might look different then...

I know the cost very well. My Cisco Rep is loving it too. We are still
rolling out of our network and finding the right people with true knowledge
of this business is hard to find. I am trying to find good IP backbone
people now and am having a hard time, especially in the Washington, DC
area. All the good ones are already taken in this area. It's really
becoming a chosen few that "really" know this business and know it well
enough to build a living, breathing network from the ground up.