Peering versus Transit

Heh. That's an example of how stupid technology is being
preserved by stupid legistlation. The laws regarding POTS are
generally legal fixes for techincal problems (like inability
to block annoying calls).

Forgotten the syn flood attack so quickly? Heard of IP spoofing?

How long did it take for OS vendors to come up with fixes?
A week.

And for how long telcos can't do anything about annoying calls?
A hundred years.

That only confirms my point.

That does not make your one sided arguments stand any more than
they did. Goes to prove experience does not necessarily equate
insight into all aspects of the business. You have a stake in
perpetuating the status quo. Me in changing it because it
doesn't make sense.

Sorry, to me what you tell does not make sense. If you
want to change things you need to come up with something
which actually works and build it. Then you'll get all
the stake and will be as interested in perpetuating status

(BTW, hey, Sprint, where's my stake?)

No, it is beginning to suck. Have you checked reliability
of the backbones lately?

I started a company to _do_ something about it, ok?

Sigh.. old hats like you have a
hard time realizing that old models have to, and will,

I suspect that i'm younger. I simply have better tuned
B.S. detectors. Reading Pravda helps to learn that things
often aren't what they appear to be.

PS. This is my last email on this topic.

Thank you very much.


Ain't it the truth. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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