Peering versus Transit

What if you are FlyBite Couriers Inc. and you have a parcel for Bigco
Inc's art department. The sign on the door at BigCo says "No deliveries,
go to the back door, this means you!". But you are to lazy so you walk in,
argue with the receptionist for a minute and dump your package on the
floor. She has to call in one of the mailroom people from the far end of
the building complex to deliver the package.

Er. That situation may actually end up in court. Legally, the parcel
is still in posession of FBC Inc. -- nobody signed the receipt and
nobody left drop-shipment authorization. So sender of the packet
has all reasons to sue FBC Inc.

So, thank you for playing, but the analogy is somehow wrong.

It is not a "theft", it is more like trespassing. It is illegal and
covered by codes related to unauthorized use of equipment.

FlyBite Couriers has caused Bigco to spend their own resources in order to
deliver the package to teh art department. Is FlyBite Couriers guilty of
theft? No. Are they guilty of trespass? I don't think so.

Analogy was wrong. They're guilty of fraud if you want legal definition.
They promised sender to deliver parcel, took money and didn't.

This makes good sense too. However, there are always two sides to every
traffic engineeriung question...

Exactly. That's why traffic engineering at IXPs is always is a matter
of mutual agreement. Dumping packets at somebody is doing something
without an agreement, ok?