Peering versus Transit

You should always add "without consent of the said ISP".

It is no different from dumping a pile of bricks at somebody's property.

Why is it any different than the big ISP's customers dumping
packets on small ISP's web server?

The Web page owners pay for that, ok? If they do not want other people
accessing their data they wouldn't put it there for open and pay for it, too.

If the small ISP does not want customers of other ISPs accessing its server(s)
it can simply not advertise its routes. It is their decision. A Web conternt
providers will then go and seek a place which would take their business.


I'm sick of net.socialists who think that universal connectivity is an
Unalienable Right Of Every Living Person and that All ISPs Are Born Equal.
I've had a chance to learn very intimately what all that Free-For-All crap
really means -- when related to pushing bits and when not.