Peering versus Transit

Hi Bill,

I can see no justification under any circumstances why any provider
would refuse to peer with another at an established exchange point for
exchanging their _own_ customers' traffic!

  I can give you three:

     1/ LargeISP does not want to spend the X hours it takes to
    bring up a peering session for SmallISP's routes. The
    benefit gained to SmallISP's 5 routes is not great enough.

     2/ LargeISP does not have confidence in SmallISPs ability to
    properly administer a safe BGP peering connection, and
    believes that there is high risk involved with such.

     3/ LargeISP knows that if they don't peer with SmallISP, their
    customers won't care. LargeISP knows that if SmallISP can't
    get traffic to LargeISP, they will have a poor service.
    LargeISP knows SmallISP will then/therefore buy
    peering/transit (prolly from them). [this perpetuates the
    small number of global palyers model]

  I don't see that this is necessarily "correct" justification, but
  it is justification.