Peering Survey 2008 (

As a follow up to the presentations introducing the peering survey at
NANOG and APRICOT, we'd like to announce it to the NANOG mailing list in
order to get as many people as possible to participate.

What is it?

- New survey on how people configure peering!
- Featuring technical questions on what protocols and features are used
- It will take you under 10 minutes to answer 24 easy questions
- No questions on facilities, IXs, or policies
- No personal or identifying information will be used

How does it work?

- You take the survey here:
- Results will be presented at the GPF 3.0 (and future conferences)

Example Questions:

- Do you use IPv6 unicast BGP peering?
- Do you use BFD?
- Do you use four byte ASNs (RFC 4893)?
- What is the largest frame size you use on peering links?
- What is your biggest concern when deploying a new feature?
- Note: is it OK to say that you don't know what a feature is

What is the purpose of the survey?

- Identify trends in feature and protocol deployment
- Educate the community on features and best practices

Thanks for your participation!

Greg Hankins (Force10)
Ren Provo (Comcast)
Tom Scholl (AT&T)