Peering problem with NSP

Actually he reported that he did ask you for information and his take on
the information was that it made no sense, hence he asked us...IMHO that's
a reasonable thing to do. To me it looks like your trying to spin the
event now, this post has a quite different tone and information than the
first you made here. It makes it hard to take you seriously...but it
was hard to take the whole thing seriously from the first still
makes no sense that you won't guarantee routing for him unless he makes
you his primary provider. It sounds like you're just trying to tie him

He did not deny routing, he denied the availability of providing full routes.
There's a difference.

If he's getting a connection from Sprintlink, he can only accept the routes
that he wants, and can then default through fONOROLA, and thereby load

I don't think that looks anything like denial of service. It may not be
the preferred method, but it certainly doesn't make them unusable.