Peering problem with NSP

From: (Brian Dickson)

>Now, here is exactly what you ought to desire -- an informed customer.
>Yet, you publically castigate him for asking a mailing list which deals
>with _exactly_ these technical issues.

My point was, he asked for no detailed technical information from us before
his mail to the nanog list. By being more informed to start with, he will
be better able to ask questions that will get him somewhere. This list

Actually he reported that he did ask you for information and his take on
the information was that it made no sense, hence he asked us...IMHO that's
a reasonable thing to do. To me it looks like your trying to spin the
event now, this post has a quite different tone and information than the
first you made here. It makes it hard to take you seriously...but it
was hard to take the whole thing seriously from the first still
makes no sense that you won't guarantee routing for him unless he makes
you his primary provider. It sounds like you're just trying to tie him

Absolutely. We are multiply homed, and would recommend it to any large
service provider. Please do not confuse our lack of guarantee for a

I don't think that you are couldn't count on you unless
you were the primary provider.