Peering problem with NSP

From: (Brian Dickson)
I do wish you'd feel free to ask us these sorts of questions directly.

You cut off his excellent rationale, which was (Quoting Matt Harrop):

# before I start butting heads with their
# management, I want to be sure of the technical issues.

Now, here is exactly what you ought to desire -- an informed customer.
Yet, you publically castigate him for asking a mailing list which deals
with _exactly_ these technical issues.

My point was, he asked for no detailed technical information from us before
his mail to the nanog list. By being more informed to start with, he will
be better able to ask questions that will get him somewhere. This list
is an excellent place to get a second opinion; but for a first opinion
it would be best to talk to one's provider(s), due to their intimate
knowledge of the particulars.

Frankly, it is this sort of unenlightened, baseless opinion that gives
Usenet its deserved reputation. It certainly doesn't reflect the level of
professionalism that a reputable NSP should display, on this list
in particular.

This rather surprises me, since I don't believe that this is a Usenet
distributed list.

Actually, that was my point: the comment to which I replied was typical
of the news swamp, not of this list. Sorry I wasn't more clear on that.

To conclude, this person states that he is a "service provider".
Providers _should_ be multiply homed. This is encouraged!

Absolutely. We are multiply homed, and would recommend it to any large
service provider. Please do not confuse our lack of guarantee for a