Peering Policy ( was Re: AGIS/DIGEX )

Michael Dillon <> writes

> > > > The bookkeeping costs $2000 per month for *BOTH* providers to monitor
> > > > this, collect data, collect bills, etc....
> > >
> > > Source of data, please?
> >
> > Same source as the other guy's data. I pulled it out of thin air.
> > Actually, I figured $2,000 per month would be an appropriate salary for
> > one clerk to handle this job.
> >
> > And the point was that managing settlements costs money. We know that in
> > the POTS system the costs of usage based billing are at least 50% of the
> > total.
> OK, do you have a source for the POTs number?

Of course not! I have an axe to grind here. I want to see global flat-rate
telephone service for everybody. No per-minute charges, period!

Your argument changes from an economic one to a political one. If
you want to run for office, there are better forums. If you want
to convince people who are building commercial networks, get
some facts.