Peering Policies and Route Servers

Dear Steven,

Steven J. Richardson writes :

Actually, only changes to the RADB and ANS DB will be
caught by _every_ 4 hr update; the other databases (RIPE,
MCI DB, CA*Net DB) are currently obtained 1x/day (usually
in the morning, Brian Renaud says). Work re: synchronization
and distribution of IRR data is, as they say, ongoing.

Actually nearly real time distribution (not older then 10 minutes) of IRR
data is already available since November last year (I wrote the code
myself ;-)). The software has certainly still some rough edges and was
published at the same time. It works now quite reliable for some time.

You can contact me at <> if you need more information or
want to have such a mirror running at your site.

Kind regards,

David Kessens