Peering Personals@Peering BOF XV at NANOG 40 in Bellevue

[ If you are NOT ATTENDING this NANOG in Bellevue, please disregard ]

We have some time at this Peering BOF XV for some Peering Coordinator introductions. This is
a chance for Peering Coordinators to introduce themselves to the group before we break for beers.

How does this work? We solicit Peering Coordinators (with this note), asking them to characterize
their networks and peering policies in general ways (“content heavy” or “access (eyeball) -heavy,”
“Open” vs. “Selective” vs. “Restrictive” policies etc.).

From the answers we will select a set of ISP Peering Coordinators to share a short (2-3 minute)
description of their network, what they look for in a peer, etc., allowing the audience to put a face
with the name of the ISP. At the end of the Peering BOF, Peering Coordinators will have time to
speak with Peering Coordinators of ISPs they seek to interconnect with. The expectation is
that these interactions will lead to the Peering Negotiations stage, the first step towards a more
fully meshed and therefore resilient Internet.

If you are a Peering Coordinator and wish to participate in the Peering Personals section of the Peering BOF,

please reply to me (privately) with the answers the following 8 questions: