Peering in the LA region?!?

Hello All,

AGIS would be happy to/interested in exchanging customer routes in LA.
We're in the SMDS cloud. Further, I think that in less than 60 seconds I
could convince my management to purchase a switching hub for our space with
WilTel on the 14th Floor of the 1 Wilshire Building. Anyone within/nearby
that space (I remember seeing BBN/Planet and UUNet for instance) would be
welcome to drag a cat5 connection to that hub for the exchange of customer
routes with AGIS and other attachees. I see no reason to charge anything
for the connection.

If there's enough interest, mebbe bmanning could provide/administer an class C.


Well, it sounds like several people are interested in peering somewhere in
the LA region. We were just out to the one wilshire building last Monday to
look at the layout and the interconnects within the building. There are
several people located on various floors there.

For those that are in the building, you all probably know about the "cost" of
doing business between floors. We just purchased a 4" pipe from P1 to the
18th floor (our location) with drops on each floor (hense the right of way).
We also have a thousand spare feet of space that leased to us for the next
generation or so :slight_smile:

With this in mind, this week, we are starting the buildout of both co-location
space as well as interconnect racks. We are planning on putting a 7500 in
this location as well as a CDDI ring. We can just as easily put up an ethernet
hub and interconnect this down to Peter's spot on the 14th floor.

Bill, if you want to locate a RADB processor, you are welcome to install one
in our location if need be. We will also allow low speed frame or T1 groups
to connect in to the PCH router that we will probably be setting up there as
well (packet clearing house) for a "star" peering arrangment. This router will
back end into our connections also.

As for anyone else, let me know since we are flying down to LA Wednesday to
begin the rollout. Also, we will have MFS fiber and PacBell fiber on our
floor as well if needed. We are talking to TCG for fiber as well for anyone
who wants to connect via any of these methods.