peering charges?

===== Paul A Vixie previously wrote: ====

This changes "we'll only peer with you if you have a network topology similar
to ours" into "we'll be happy to peer with you but be aware that we only send
local routes when we peer at public exchanges, and if you want a full routing
exchange it'll take 6 T3's worth of private peering -- can you afford it?"

This is certainly wonderful. But could be technically complex.

Sending only local routes to local Mon'Pop shop is easy. But sending Mom'Pop
routes to your local customers only is not easy. You would almost have to
have a seperate routing policy for each local site to prevent local Mom'Pop
shop routes from getting into other region's routers. Otherwise, these
routes could turn up be BGP best routes, and when you deny them to your
customers at other regions, you end up do not announce any Mom'Pop owned blocks
and cut off linkage between your customers at other regions to Mom'Pop shop.

Anyone has good/easy solutions to that?