peering charges?

Eric D. Madison wrote:

>Since some of the larger vendors (Cisco mostly) has introduced accounting
>features into their software settlements could start any time.

a) the accounting was there for years, so what

b) a 100-byte packet travelled from provider A to provider B. Should A pay
   to B or vice versa?

   So far nobody gave any useful answer to that question.

Exactly; if someone says "pay me for traffic I deliver to you", you say
"your web or corporate customer is paying you to deliver that traffic to

If someone says "pay me for traffic you send to me", you say "your
customer requested that data from my or my customer's web server".

None of this will get you peering or not, but it does show that it's
difficult to come up with a useful answer to that question...

There are no settlements because traffic has little relevance to relative
worth of connectivity from one provider to another. The large ISPs are
generally interested in market share or peers, not in volume of mutual traffic.