Peering BOF X Detailed Agenda

Hi all -

I'm happy to announce the 10th NANOG Peering BOF will be held in Los
Angeles from 14:00 to 15:30 on Monday. We have a *very* full Peering
BOF agenda:

14:00 Introduction / Welcome - William B. Norton (Equinix)

14:05 Ad Hoc Transit Survey - all

Since the Peering vs. Transit issue contains a financial component, we
will employ an anonymous straw poll of wholesale transit prices and do
a quick Peering Breakeven Point calculation by the end of the BOF.

14:10 - Richard Steenbergen (nLayer)

The peeringdb attempts to solve two related Peering Coordinator
Community problems - first, one of the most difficult problems is
finding out who to talk to about peering in the target ISP company.
Second, IXes have had a very difficult time populating and maintaining
peering contact information for its populations. Richard has
volunteered and set up a central database of peering contact
information for the Peering Coordinator Community and he will share
some stats and encourage folks to register their peering information.

14:15 Good Peers / Good Customers - Peter Cohen (Telia)

Are all peers created equal? Should an ISP prefer some customers over
others based on their traffic patterns? Peter will share some insights
into these questions.

14:30 Unified Peering Forum - Josh Snowhorn (Terramark)

Josh will share updates regarding the combined peering forum
initiative, intended to reduce Peering Coordinator travel expenses and
maximize the chances for peering coordinators to meet each other. In
the last few years, the number of peering forums grew, and the Peering
Coordinator Community attending these various forums to some degree
fractured, reducing the benefits to the community. This initiative
seeks to, among other things, pull together the community to fewer,
open and jointly run forums.

14:40 The Great Debate on Peering Ratios : Important Metric or
Dinosaur PreReq of a Bygone Era - Peter Cohen vs. Richard Steenbergen

One challenge the Peering Coordinator Community faces (besides making
contact and working within financial constraints discussed earlier) is
meeting the peering requirements of the large traffic potential peers.
There are some peers that believe peering ratios help them scrutinize
where to most fairly expend their engineering resources, and ratios
are one way to determine the balance of benefits between the potential
peers. The other view is that there is no valid technical reason to
use ratios are a filter for potential peers.

B: Opening Statement - Peering Ratios have no technical merit for
screening potential peers
B: Attack A / Defend B position
B: Closing Statement

Audience Vote: Which side made the more compelling case?

Audience Engages Debaters: A chance for the audience to ask questions
and make points NOT made during the debate, or to help reinforce
points not made strongly enough during the debate.

Secondary Audience Vote - did the audience view change? With the
advantage of the audience points and followup discussion, which side
made the more compelling case?

15:20 Peering Personals - all

We have a few minutes for those who travelled a great distance to
introduce themselves to the Peering Coordinator Community as we break
for coffee and cookies. If you would like to introduce yourself to
the Peering Coordinator Community, please send a note to BEFORE MONDAY including:
Three things the Peering Coordinator Community should know about
peering with you:
These three things will help me select who gets stage time in case
there are more people than time, and please make sure you speak with
me before the BOF so we can seat you up front in the interests of