Peering BOF VI at NANOG

Hi all -

If you are not a Peering Coordinator attending NANOG 27 then you needn't read any further.

The 6th Peering BOF at NANOG will be held Monday night and focuses on helping Peering Coordinators make contact with other Peering Coordinators using "Peering Personals." We solicit Peering Coordinators (via this e-mail), asking them to characterize their networks and peering policies in general ways ("content heavy" or "access (eyeball) -heavy," "Multiple Points Required" or "Will Peer anywhere," "Peering with Content OK," etc.). From the answers we will select a set of ISP Peering Coordinators to present a 2-3 minute description of their network, what they look for in a peer, etc., allowing the audience to put a face with the name of the ISP. At the end of the Peering BOF, Peering Coordinators will have time to speak with Peering Coordinators of ISPs they seek to interconnect with. The expectation is that these interactions will lead to the Peering Negotiations stage, the first step towards a more fully meshed and therefore resilient Internet.

If you are a Peering Coordinator and wish to participate in this BOF, please fill out the following form and e-mail it to with