Peering BOF V - Call for Participants

Hi all -

NANOG is only three weeks away and Monday evening at NANOG there will be another Peering BOF ; thanks to those that suggested this on the survey forms!

We'll do this the same way as last time / the same way the Peering Personals ran at the last GPF:

*Peering Coordinators*: Send me the completed RSVP form below.
I'll assemble these into logos, icons, AS#s and contact info
With this backdrop, each of you in turn get a chance to stand up and
    a) introduce yourself, your network,
    b) what you are looking for in a peer,
    c) why folks should want to peer with you, and
    d) which locations you currently or plan to peer.

Making the initial contact with the potential peer is (oddly enough) the most difficult parts of peering, and the Peering Personals has proven to be an effective (and lively!) way to make those initial contacts. So *Peering Coordinators* - send me those RSVPs !

Since we only have 90 minutes I'm going to limit the number of Peering Coordinators to 25 or so. If there is time remaining we'll use the rest of the time for ad hoc Peering Personals as we did last time.

A couple comments: I noticed on the thread "Interconnects" folks were talking about willingness to peer and MLPAs. At least from the conversations I had during my research on Peering, I found relatively little interest in MLPAs. For those using contracts for peering, folks preferred to control peering using their own contracts written by their lawyers, stating their evolving peering terms and conditions, and generally felt somewhat like they were losing control by signing up to a MLPA document.

At the same time, I have found from running these Peering Personals and talking with these Peering Coordinators, that maybe 80% of all Peering Coordinators had a relatively open peering policy. By "Relatively Open" I mean that they would peer in any single location or multiple location with companies that they would not consider to be a prospective customer. This openness was surprising given all the huff and puff on mailing lists over the years about *not* being able to get peering. We'll see if my 80% figure rings true at the Peering BOF, and I'll share a couple anecdotes about an emerging set of significant traffic open peers at the Peering BOF.


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