Peering Agreement Difficulties

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Have you looked 'peer' up in the dictionary?


Rolf Medal <> writes:

  Internet express has experienced great difficulty in establishing
peering agreements with MCI, Sprint & PPN.
  If you have also experienced problems in this regard, we encourage
you to inform us ASAP. There currently is a class action suit in progress.

Wah wah wah wah. We can't get the multibillion-dollar
corporations to treat us as business equals, such that we
can get unpaid-for customer connectivity. Wah wah wah wah.

I guess it's fortunate that in the land of the U.S.A.,
the people who aren't intelligent enough to do the very
simple things necessary to make themselves MORE effective
competitors for Internet services revenue than the
multibillion-dollar corporations can vent their rage
in frivolous class-action lawsuits.

The funny thing is that existence proof of this can be
found among several of the formerly small-fry providers
which are now among the big N "tier one" providers.
The funnier thing is that the same thing that made
a couple of them competitive with ANS CO+RE's allegedly
unfair marketplace tactics trivially could be successfully

It'll be amusing to see if these people who are
ill-equipped to make their fortunes without direct subsidy
by their bigger competitors are successful in court,
particularly against MCI, which has spent the last decade
and change suing itself into existence, and is no stranger
to aggressive, expensive, time-consuming litigation.

(Frankly, I wonder if the lawsuit will end before everyone
involve has died of old-age, or technology has advanced
enough to make the whole lawsuit completely irrelevant.)

Meanwhile, kindly direct this to com-priv. It has NO relevance
whatsoever to NANOG, even in the new NANOG which is all noise
and no signal.