peer/transit circuits

Hi folks,
I am looking for some advice on how to place the peer/transit circuits on the edge routers. Would like to find the best practice that would provide enough diversity without having an operation nightmare. e.g. putting peer and transit circuits on different routers will make the routing policy easier since peer and transit will have different policies. however, if I lost the transit router then all transit is gone.

Any advice/reference would be appreciated.


It sounds like you might do well to investigate Vendor J's routers, as
they can solve this in a single unit, rather than with multiple units.

There are several reasons to separate Transit and peering routers, one of
them being that if someone points default route at your peering router,
the packets go to nowhere because that router doesn't have a full set of
routes on it.

Unfortunately, this has happened to a few list members and aquantances of
mine so don't think this doesn't happen.