PCH survey on peering


We're conducting a statistical overview of peering sessions for a research paper. The paper we produce will be input into OECD guidelines on national communications regulatory frameworks, so we'd very much like it to accurately reflect the diversity of peering agreements out there in the world. At the same time, if we ask for too much data, people will be reluctant to answer our questions, so we've tried to keep the data we're collecting as simple as possible.

Specifically, for each other Autonomous System you peer with, we'd be interested in knowing the following five pieces of information:

    Your ASN
    Your peer's ASN
    Whether a written and signed peering agreement exists (the alternative being that it's less formal, like a "handshake agreement")
    Whether the terms are roughly symmetric (the alternative being that it describes an agreement with different terms for each of the two parties, like one paying the other, or one receiving more or fewer than full customer routes)
    If a jurisdiction of governing law is defined

The easiest way for us to take the information is as a tab-text file or spreadsheet, consisting of rows as follows:
    Your ASN: Integer
    Peer ASN: Integer
    Written agreement: Boolean
    Symmetric: Boolean
    Governing Law: ISO 3166 two-digit country-code, or empty

For instance:

42 <tab> 715 <tab> false <tab> true <tab> us <cr>
42 <tab> 3856 <tab> true <tab> true <tab> us <cr>

The ASNs are just there so we can avoid double-counting a single pair of peers, when we hear from both of them. As soon as we've collated the data, we'll strip the ASNs to protect privacy, and only the final aggregate statistics will be published in any case. We've currently got about 10,000 sessions documented, and would love to have as many more as possible. We'd like to finish collecting data by the end of the second week of April, two weeks from now.

If you're able to help us, please email me the data in whatever form you can. If you need a non-disclosure, we're happy to sign one.

Thanks for considering this,

                                -Bill Woodcock
                                 Research Director
                                 Packet Clearing House