Paul Wilson and Geoff Huston of APNIC on IP address allocation ITU v/s ICANN etc

btw, i just remembered something from the distant past which is
relevant to geoff's stuff on the wsis geo allocation kink.

jon postel tried per-country allocations back in the late '80s.
this was especially in the new african networks. e.g. a block
to south africa etc.

both south africa and jon found it to be a disaster and backed
out. uneven policy. big waste. horrible local political
pressure on the local allocator. ... it was a mess and gained

unfortunately jon has since died, as has vic shaw the main guy
on the south african end. but folk over there such as mike
lawrie, jacot guillarmad, chris pinkham, alan barrett should
remember. and i have some of the email, fwiw.

  there are archives in several places...

there are archives in several places...

and i believe those archives are well be protected against
prying fingers.