PathControl vs. Internap(hardware)

Has anyone done any comparisons recently? I know that RouteScience
changed their model of not providing the hardware anymore, but I was
overall satisfied with their product when I had it before. Has anyone
stacked the Internap (former NetVMG/Sockeye) soft against the
PathControl software?

What were your impressions if so?


Hi Dave,

We utilize the 5014 box from Pathcontrol (having been connected to
Internap before that) and it works great.

We have just upgraded to the near latest software rev after waiting
through the .0 and .1 releases.

I can tell you that the box operates like they say it does. We have a
total of 6 backbones, adding another 3 or 4 in the next month and it
does not break a sweat keeping up with all the traffic.

While I liked the Internap model, it shifted greatly from what we were
sold and I had to find a way to keep my customers happy. I needed
best performance routing and we found out that what we had been
getting was least cost routing. In my case, it was getting the
PathControl box and connecting to a bunch of backbones.

In looking at all the hardware solutions, we looked at NetVMG before
they were acquired by Internap and were not impressed with their product
for a variety of reason.

Hope this helps.