Patch panel solutions for 4x10GE breakout

So the newer equipment we are looking at uses QSFP+/MTP with 4x10GE breakouts to deliver 10G. We are not wiring these up to things in the same rack, they will be going to patch panels and then elsewhere in a facility. It could potentially get messy with the panels we have today so we are looking at other solutions. These are all SM LR connections using LC. There are a lot of SM MTP to LC options since that’s the way most panels are wired, but they typically have 6 duplex LC connectors per MTP and not 4 which isn’t very efficient in this use case. I’ve seen others just use an intermediate LC to LC panel and just wire the breakouts to those and then jumper the other side elsewhere.

Anything else others have used? The point of the solution is to keep the wiring mess in front of or near the device to a minimum.



There is a nice Corning panel our facilities team is using now. I can find the link and send it to the list when not at my phone.

Jared Mauch

It's the Corning Edge8 line [

Might be worth having a look at the Corning centrix modules. Very high densities. 72 terminations per u. Front side mpo/mtp connections. Have some great slack storage and management options.

We generally run a MTP/MPO12 cable to a breakout cassette a few racks down,
and that's where we split out all of the LC pairs. It keeps the mess away
from the routers/traffic generators.

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The Corning Edge stuff is nice. Very modular, so you can customize it for
your needs. And from my experience, it's proven to be designed well.
Makes it easy to slide individual trays out to work on. And the built in
shutters on the LC connectors instead of the dust caps are a nice touch,
since no one remembers to put the dust caps back.