paper on end-to-end Internet packet dynamics available

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The paper "End-to-End Internet Packet Dynamics", to appear in SIGCOMM '97,
is now available from:

I've appended the abstract.


End-to-End Internet Packet Dynamics

Vern Paxson
Network Research Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

We discuss findings from a large-scale study of Internet packet dynamics
conducted by tracing 20,000 TCP bulk transfers between 35 Internet sites.
Because we traced each 100 Kbyte transfer at both the sender and the
receiver, the measurements allow us to distinguish between the end-to-end
behaviors due to the different directions of the Internet paths, which
often exhibit asymmetries. We characterize the prevalence of unusual
network events such as out-of-order delivery and packet corruption; discuss
a robust receiver-based algorithm for estimating ``bottleneck bandwidth''
that addresses deficiencies discovered in techniques based on ``packet
pair''; investigate patterns of packet loss, finding that loss events are
not well-modeled as independent and, furthermore, that the distribution of
the duration of loss events exhibits infinite variance; and analyze
variations in packet transit delays as indicators of congestion periods,
finding that congestion periods also span a wide range of time scales.