Howdy Perry,

Alexis Rosen of Panix was on the phone earlier today with the company
attorney for melbourneit -- reputedly he was informed that even if the
police called, they would not do anything about the problem until
Monday their time.

(a) I don't know MIT's attorney, and (b) I wouldn't ever call him or her
when I could reach someone I know, and (c) what would you expect an attorney
to say?

Alexis is a bit on the upset side, naturally -- his company is in
serious trouble because of very obvious fraud, and waiting a few days
isn't really something he can afford to do. (If you look at the whois
records now in place for they're pretty clearly the result
of fraudulent activity. There is a pretty clear attempt there to
maximally obscure who has stolen the domain name -- this is clearly
not an innocent mistake.)

Yeah, but, home truths. There are registrars who will get out of bed at
night for a customer, and registrars who could give a shit if hell froze.
Just like ISPs and LEOs, neh?

Picking a registrar with a market share in the top 10 means that you get
1/share's worth of attention, which means 1/1488700 of Dotster's attention
(using 1/15 daily market share graph). Now, was that at the NetSol $35/yr
price point for customer care, or the GoDaddy $6.95/yr price point for
customer care.

I suppose everyone thinks that it (for some value of "it") can't happen
to them, and that if it does, a wicked small amount of money will still
do more than the oil that lights the lamps at Hanukkah, because bad acts
are rare and all the dimes pile up into a shared fate insurance fund.

Well, now I'm really going to bed.


actually godaddy has been quite reponsive for me @ 3am before.

Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine wrote: