Palm OS SNMP client... need some input

I'm working on ideas for an SNMP client for Palm OS. So far, I can't find
any that exist, and there's been at least one request made out there for
such a thing. The basic idea would be to have a database with IPs, names,
descriptions and community names for different SNMP agents you want to
work with. You'd define the list, then select an agent and do things with
it. I'm also looking at doing a trap monitor type of function.

While I'm thinking through the design, I'm coming up with some questions
that I need to ask potential users. I figured this would be the best
place to look.

If you reply, please do it directly to me so as not to clutter the list.


Here they are...

How useful would you consider such a thing?

Would it be worthwhile to implement SNMP versions 1 & 2, or just the
latter? If both, then how/where/if to switch between the two?

Would it be sufficient to only support the standard, RFC-defined MIB, or
should there be the ability to handle custom MIBs? The problem with the
latter is mainly in presentation. It would be simple enough to do a
simple text-based UI for setting and querying values (a la snmpget/put),
but personally I'd consider that a bit raw. To do anything better would
require more work to either enable a dynamic UI or creating custom forms
and code in a plugin-style system.

Any other comments or suggestions?