paix (was Re: The backbone that sucks least? )

someone wrote to me in private mail that i think needs a public response
(though naturally with all identifying marks removed.)

Last I heard, PAIX was full and had been full (and with a waiting list for
any space that might become available) for several years.

palo alto has been full on and off for several years. the waiting list gets
good churn though -- when northpoint went out of business that freed up 10
racks, for example. it's absolutely worthwhile to talk to the paix sales
team about palo alto and get yourself on the waiting list. we're also
working on reviving the quarter-rack pricing model to get more peers into
racks that become available.

How much space is presently available? I am looking both for my own
employer (our needs are minimal, one cabinet at each location, at least 8
locations around the world),

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