packet loss (was re: mae-west congestion)

Peter Kaminski wrote:

Matthew Kaufman writes about the Ames FDDI ring saturation:

>What I don't understand is why that has _stayed_ saturated... it seems
>to me that some of the big players would have rerouted their traffic
>by now to avoid subjecting it to this, which would also have the side
>effect of causing the problem to, at least for the short term, go

...or why MFS hasn't installed a Gigaswitch there, or whatever. We're
seeing 20% - 30% packet loss through AGIS to MCI and Sprintlink during
the day, and it's not fun.

Speaking of fddi rings, saturation, and packet loss.. has anyone taken
a look at the peering between mcinet and cicnet at the chicago nap?

i get about the same (20-30%) packet loss during the day.

and no, it's not fun at all.


Umm.. we are not currently at the Chicago NAP. We peer with MCI at their
Willowsprings hub over the transit DS3 we have with them.