Packet generation

Any of you folks know of a good utility to generate lots and lots
  of IP traffic. I am looking for something that will run on NT
  or a Solaris box.

-Todd Wilkinson

Run sendmail. Subscribe the root@box to NANOG.


Microsoft makes an inetload util that generates all kinds of fake
traffic (IRC, www, ftp, so on and so on.) Its on the free software page


On solaris, spray is pretty good. I guess it depends on what you mean by
lots and lots of IP traffic.


I think he was interesting in generating/receiving useful traffic! :slight_smile:


Try taking a look at TTCP. I don't think it's out there for Windows, but
the source should compile on most UNIX platforms.

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Yeah, it really kinda depends on what he wants. If he wants fairly
realistic traffic, one could probably write a packet generator fairly
easily, that turns packet traces into traffic. If one has access to raw
packet generating. The traces we have are generally src/dst encoded to
protect privacy. Really depends on what's needed.