It is a very pretty facility, certainly.

Coverage might reach whatever % of the 'net you're looking
for with the PAIX and Mae-East alone, but that's not my major
criteria for choosing exchange points.

I look for efficient data transfer, and effective regionalization
of data flow. I really don't want data from Sacramento going to
San Jose by way of Florida. I would rather have several smaller
pipes into the populous exchange points, such as Mae-East and West,
and then add the big pipes at the ATM Naps for high flow
peers like MCI, Sprint, UUnet, ANS, AT&T and their ilk.

So maybe the question comes back to, "is everyone you want to peer
with on the West coast at the PAIX?"

(The apearance of a company name in this email does not imply or
suggest any existance of a peering agreement. The names are used
for illustration only, and should be considered a compliment.)