PacBell NAP and Co-location


I need to clarify something regarding colocation at Pacific Bell. There has
been a great deal of confusion out in the community regarding Pacific Bell's
position on Colocation. Let me set the record straight here. For those NAP
customers who need to colocate equipment as part of their NAP connection
through us ** can ** do so. We have made an arrangement that fits within
company guidelines that will allow us to place a customer's router,
CSU/DSU... within our facilities for connection to the NAP. The facilities
we provide have the standard data center enviromments (i.e. air
conditioning, raised floor, standard racks, and monitored power). They also
allow access to customer technicians (or their agents) for configuration and
repair needs.

The question, however, is a bit moot given the way in which customers attach
to an ATM NAP. ATM circuits are pulled to wherever the customer is (using
the appropriate InterExchange Carrier to do interlata connections, of
course). There is no need to co-locate equipment. No need for the additional
capital invesment nor the introduction of an additional routing hop. If a
customer has no locations in the bay area, it is simply a matter of setting
up a "long-distance" connection. A couple of our customers are doing just
that today.

Kind regards,