outages, quality monitoring, trouble tickets, etc

"it's AOL's fault" because the provider themselves didn't properly
set up an RADB entry so the ANS network ...

I find it amusing that the only utility ascribed to the RADB
by network operators almost always has to do with being
reachable from ANS.

It's also tragic, actually. I'm glad that my taxes go up to
the receiver-general for Canada sometimes rather than going
to a project which frequently appears to benefit one and only
one U.S.-based network service provider.

Anyway, typically the only time we hear problems with
respect to the RADB is when someone wants to talk to AOL
and cannot, or when some ANS customer can't get to anything
behind us or somewhere downstream from us.

It'd be very interesting to see what happens to the RADB the
second AOL has Internet connectivity through another
provider... It'd certainly reduce the incidence of people
updating the RADB to fix disconnectivities.