outages, quality monitoring, trouble tickets, etc

Alan wrote:
[I wrote:]

] I have a ticket open with barrnet since 07/95 as to simple loss in
] the Santa Cruz area. When Barrnet [oops, sorry, "call us BBN Planet"]
] closes that 4-month-old ticket, talk.

Why should they talk to you? Do you pay them a service fee?

Their customer has instructed Barrnet NOC and staff to treat me as
a consultant/employee of the customer authorized to speak for them.
(4 month open ticket. Problem duplicated at will. Large packet loss.


I certainly see no reason why I should do this work for you.

Fair enough... Do no work for other than your customers. This isn't
Atlas Shrugged. If I need something from you I'll get one of your
customers to sign off on it, or I'm just another leech.

Brash in my Thanksgiving Vegetarianism,