outages, quality monitoring, trouble tickets, etc

......... Ehud Gavron is rumored to have said:
] > due respect to the Sprint folx, their lists are often vague and
] > noninformative.
] Sorry, SprintLink has 255/255 in my book.
] On at least three occasions that I can recall, Sean has sent
] out innage (non-outage :wink: notes indicating _in_detail_ what he was

  Erm, Sean != Sprint. (That's arguable, you know :wink: I'm not here
  to downgrade anyone, Jove knows my folks have been less than 100%
  at times. However, I gain little of substance from the notes.
  So we're different. Sure, they're nice, and a bit informative,
  but they don't help me fix connectivity problems. They don't
  really even help me explain things to my customers. (Don't take
  me off SL-outage! :slight_smile:

] While they had their problems before, and will doubtless have them
] again, right now SprintLink's backbone has a good trouble-reporting
] mechanism.

  Agreed, but I direct back to the central issue, that being HOW
  does this trouble reporting mechanism improve the quality of the
  overall Internet connectivity?

] > Back to accountability, (with kindest respect) Sean, you haven't a
] > lambs foot to stand when Barrnet isn't looking into a problem. In
] I have a ticket open with barrnet since 07/95 as to simple loss in
] the Santa Cruz area. When Barrnet [oops, sorry, "call us BBN Planet"]
] closes that 4-month-old ticket, talk.

  Why should they talk to you? Do you pay them a service fee?
  That's my base issue, there is a hierarchy, and you can't skip
  rope to the other guy. It just doesn't work, there's nothing in
  the system to encourage it.

  [ access to information or do you....]
] > want easier access to clueful folx?
] I'll take both, thanks very much.

  I'm not sure where my responsibility to you lies. You are another
  person on this wacky Internet we've created. Why should I
  allocate 60 hours of my staff time to design an integrated web
  reporting mechanism for you?

  Sean Donelan has a terribly good point, he's my customer, and his
  words mean alot, but I can't agree w/ him that he should/could
  demand the same thing from another ex-NSFnet regional, or from
  Sprint. I certainly see no reason why I should do this work for

  MFS and the RA folx do it becuase their customers demand it.
  Along the way they provide the information to y'all.

  So we end up in a socialist system where maybe I'm demanded to
  provide this for my customers, and maybe along the way I'll
  provide it to the Inet community, but there's no motivation for me
  to do it globally. Someone ought convince me that knowing where someone
  else's problem exists make it easier for me to fix problems of
  mine own.

  There seems to be this large obsession with linking information to
  action. If you get an update you think something's happening.
  Perhaps it's needed, but stuff will happen whether your hand is
  held or not.

  Brash in my Thanksgiving Vegetarianism,