outages list down? Lightower, Worcester, MA fiber cut

I can't get to the mailing list page, and neither can


I've sent a couple new email messages there and they haven't been
delivered either.

Here is the latest message I sent regarding the Lightower, Worcester,
MA fiber cut:

RFO: underlying filesystem issues on the hypervisor caused the system to “freak out” (yes, that’s the technical term). After a reboot, some fighting with java iKVM the system is back up. Sorry for the trouble.

OT: (you can delete if you don’t care about my random stuff)

I have some bigger plans to start to split the various parts of puck into more distributed systems (e.g.: DNS services, mail lists, etc) of time, including the various open.*project sites and databases).

Last hardware refresh was in fall of 2011, so with the falling prices of SSD, etc it’s likely time to transition.

- Jared