OUTAGE/WEATHER: severe winter weather and mci worldcom

(More things to start off the year worrying about....)

Another one I bet your EOP's does not cover:

     LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Three men wearing ski masks broke into a Sprint
     telephone office, tied up workers and stole computer equipment,
     leaving an estimated 75,000 customers without phone service Sunday.

I've mentioned in years past that any kind of unmanned NOC/POP
needs an alarm system. Just add up what all those boxes cost,
and ponder what 'time to restore' will be if your backbone router
goes away.

Now, protecting against armed invaders is another kettle of fish,
but one that you should at least ponder. How many of you have
a back room in some otherwise-totally abandoned-all weekend
industrial building/park? What kind of access control does it have?

If nothing else, does your 911 dispatch center know where you
are? [Don't laugh!] You're in a forest of FX lines, CLEC served
perhaps. Does their database reflect the floor you are on?

Fire inspections are a different topic. If/when you are big enough,
they'll be by whether or not you ask 'em. But if you are not
on the local FD's radar yet, you might wonder what your fire
insurance policy says. Will they pay off if they knew what
you do about that mess back there?