OUTAGE: train derailment in Atlanta, fiber cut

Today is off to a great start.

A train derailed outside of Atlanta cutting several fiber cables
affecting service in the southeast.

If anyone sees some backhoes congregating outside the US Capital
today, will you please shoo them away. Thanks. (for :slight_smile: impaired)

IBM got years to prepare for the Olympics, we got 48 hours. This
is also wrecking my CCIE study plans. CISCO WARNING: If I call the
TAC today, you had better get that call escalated to intelligent
life quickly. I got little sleep tonight, and I won't be amused
by people reading the manual to me.

PLEASE feel free to mirror any information on your web sites
for your own users after it is released. We are now plugged into
the CAIDA web cache at mae-west, for those using that. Most major
media web sites are making plans to mirror the report on their sites.

For your cisco config:
ip go faster