Outage (planned and unplanned) notification

The corporate establishment generally frowns at amateurish attempts to
do "damage control" public relations. That's the job for P.R. people,
not engineers, you see? Now, the only question is where to find P.R.
people who can tell cidr from cider.

It's not only peers, it's customers as well. I take full BGP from 3 people.
I normally do my best to ensure when we have a routing related problem
we get some qualified personnel to ring the provider concerned.

Attached is an example phone call (provider = P, customer = C). I've
hidden the identities concerned as I'm sure it wasn't actually the fault
of the personnel concerned, and composited 2 calls. But this seems to
be becoming the norm.

Why "yes we have a major problem, we're looking at it, and we'll keep
you up to date by email and by phone if necessary" doesn't work is
beyond me. Then I can switch them off and switch them back on when
they've fixed it.

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks