OUTAGE: multiple outages around the country

SEAN@dra.COM (Sean Donelan) writes:

There seems to be multiple outages (some providers have said fiber cuts)
around the country.

Geez, did someone let some of Milosevic's people in the country with backhoes?

I've now also received a report of a Texas fiber cut (frontier or als)
and outages in Deleware, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania,
Virginia, West Virginia (mci or worldcom). It still isn't clear if there
is one or more than one cut in the northeast.

I'm also not sure where the Tennessee and Florida outages are originating,
or if they are connected with the ones mentioned above.

I hear that it is due to a Train wreck, where, I don't know.


Sean Donelan wrote:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Very Briefly... thought that I would interject/contribute a tid-bit
on outages elsewhere -- than what seems to be known.

A cable was severed in Honolulu also today, that took out 90+ strands of
fiber. Time-Warner Telecom, DREN Traffic Flow and Connectivity to
I2/Abilene were aamong those effected. I have no follow-up to provide you
now on this..


[Some humour for you all]

A couple of us in the office have officially named Fridays "Fiber Cut

Two weeks ago, we took bets on what time the Canadian fiber cut would be at
(or no cut at all). There was no cut. The 10 people who betted "no cut"
received $3 each.

Last Friday, we didn't take bets, and a cut occurred. :slight_smile:

Start your own local pool ! More money than the stock market ! :slight_smile: