OUTAGE: DACS failure in USWEST/spokane

rmeyer@mhsc.COM (Roeland M.J. Meyer) writes:

After five years of dealing with USworst ... dumb management. Those guys
couldn't find a clue in a clue factory. The Colorado Public utilities

The reason I asked is the "problem" doesn't seem to be confined to
USWEST. I've experienced the DACS problem with different RBOCS
and several inter-exchange carriers. So I don't think it is just
a USWEST issue. I don't know the DACS vendor used in the various
incidents, so there may be a correlation by equipment vendor.

In this incident, it turned out not to be a DACS problem, but a
power problem. Nevertheless, my initial comments did cause a number
of people to go Hmm?

I received a several responses. From the anedoctal reports, something
seems amiss. Several people reported a detectable up-tick in DACS
related problems this year. Was there some sort of upgrade everyone
installed their DACS in the last year? Even if it is just customer
service reps playing the "Wheel of Excuses," there is usually some
problem trend which leads them to start using a particular problem
to close trouble tickets. Most customer serice reps wouldn't know a
DACS if it fell on them. Someone must be using the term in their presence.