Out of date contact information

This would be something we could probably standardize. I wonder how many folks
have mail aliases like routing@xxx.net, noc@xxx.net, etc to bounce messages
right ways. At the ver least, it'll make /etc/alias file shorter for good
number of people. :slight_smile:

-dorian (trouble@cic.net)

  BITGOD (back in the good old days) Gene had an IETF wg that attempted
  to deal with network operations issues; the NJM wg. One of the
  things that came out of that august body was the use of role accounts.

  If I remember correctly, trouble@site.tld was recommended as the
  shotgun address.

  This, along with hostmaster & noc floated to the top. http was a long
  way off.. :slight_smile:


It would be a good idea to pick up on the ASnnn aliases used in the
days of the NSFnet. The suitable place to host these aliases would
be the registries, since they are the ones handing out ASNs and are
in the position of being able to enforce a pretty obvious
requirement: Anybody injecting routes into the Net -must- have
functioning trouble email addresses. (Some months ago, somebody
(apparently both global and international) were leaking some of our
routes. No normal alias worked and the problem didn't get resolved
until given-name@... came back after the weekend.)

To avoid wasted efforts, the registries should preferably coordinate
to mirror the aliases, so that everybody would be reachable as


Thus, all of


would reach the trouble(some) folks in EUnet.

This would place an extra burden on the registries, but ASN assignment
shouldn't be taken lightly anyway.