Other NOGs around the world?

Brazil's GTER (portuguese acronym for Network Operation and Engineering
Workgroup). Exclusively in Brazilian Portuguese.


Next national meeting scheduled for November 25-27.


Marlon Borba, CISSP, APC DataCenter Associate
T�cnico Judici�rio � Seguran�a da Informa��o
IPv6 Evangelist � Moreq-Jus Evangelist
Comiss�o Local de Resposta a Incidentes - CLRI
TRF 3 Regi�o
(11) 3012-2030 (VoIP)

> What other "network operator groups" are there around the world

The Latin America and the Caribbean NOG meeting will be 19-22 October.http://www.lacnog.org/en/eventos/lacnog-2010/inicio
Call for Presentations deadline, 30 August.http://www.lacnog.org/en/meetings/lacnog-2010/call-presentations

Sponsorship opportunities:http://www.lacnog.org/en/meetings/lacnog-2010/sponsors