Other flapping prefixes. Compare and contrast.


<soapbox mode=on>

I am sorry I was not clear. I thought Sean's message was appropriate.
I felt Mr Nittman was off base for his comments RE: Sean's message.
I did not want to single people out so my last message did not
mention names. By polite I do not mean ingratiating, merely that
we do have to make comments like this:

Can we stop this bashing right here, Sean? I don't believe that this list
is the adequate forum four such childish behaviour. I have a collection
of your past emails and I am rather fed up withthis.

Can Sean be removed from the list? These are not contributions in any
sense of constructivity at all.

Sprint can very well chose a different person to make their corporate
views known on an nanog scale.Mike


When we happen to disagree with someone. I did not intend to
propagate ad hominems,

<soapbox mode=off>

So let's return to our regularly scheduled discussions,

Alan Hannah> Perhaps I speak too unkind, but I appreciate these frank,
Alan Hannah> blunt corrections, and hope to see more of them.

As do I. I don't have time to mince words, I'm late for a meeting as is,