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Well, while Sean's wording at times is, ahem, suboptimal, he is
referring to a real problem in the Internet System, and in fact one
that the North American Network Operators Group should take
responsibility for, at least for the North American part. The problem
is what others believe is a strength: an anarchic system of many
autonomous service providers with little or no service model/metrics
(neither for the local nor for the system level), and no well defined
rules of conduct for interoperation and problem resolution.

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This all should be critical to the NANOG agenda if the service
providers would want to continue to provide quality services.

I think it is an attitude problem of people largely caring about their
own swamp.

And to make matters more confusing, not all service providers
agree on what level of service should be provided. I think the
NANOG is the perfect place to discuss what we think should be the
minimum acceptable service level, as well as what can be expected
in terms of inter-provider help and cooperation. Sean's comments
are, in my opinion, useful as a basis for discussion, and completely
appropriate. I think we all need to discuss our expectations in
an open forum. We may never agree, but at least we can disagree

Larry Plato
ANS Network Operations

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Politely is the operative word here. I thinks Sean's comments are the
only way we will have any significant changes that benefit the customer,
as opposed to benefiting the "network" itself.
Mike Nasto.