OT: We have a winner!

Here are the results of my poll, enjoy.

John Kerry Kerry: 25
George W. Bush: 14
Undecided: 4
Michael Badnarik: 3
Randy Bush: 2
Harold Stassen: 1
Michael Peroutka: 1
Bill the Cat: 1
Bugs Bunny: 1

The fact that 18% of the votes are in the "tail" of the curve after
"undecided" probably speaks volumes about our profession....

It is a sad sad day for democracy when Randy Bush can get a 2:1 lead
over Bill the Cat. (I'd worry about insulting Randy, but, he claims
to have long since procmail'd me, so, I doubt he'll even see this)


P.S. Randy, if you do see this: No insult intended, only humor. Despite
our differences, I do respect your contribution to the community.