OT: spam from Globix to ARIN POCs

If there's something I really hate it's a bunch of jerks in the marketing
department that are so desperate to get attention, they'll even repeat the
mistakes of at least one other organization we all know of - and do so
FOR THE SECOND TIME - and annoy operational people at their competitor's
(that'd be the NANOG readers), customers and non-customers alike.

As far as their "Copyright" on this piece of UCE is concerned, they can stick
that where the sun don't shine: There is no inherent right to control
'distribution' of works distributed in an indiscriminate and unsolicited
manner: the 2 reproduced UCE/UBE below have key data censored for no other
purpose than making it completely useless for getting Globix's message
before an even bigger audience.

ARIN board: you may want to consider changes to the charter to have sanctions
against members that send UCE/UBE to ARIN POCs. There is nothing that gets
members' attention as quick as a $5000 "special administrative fee" for
unauthorized use of the membership list, even such a public one as the
ARIN whois server. Freely accessible doesn't mean free for all and all

Globix abuse desk people: I know your pain.

And on another note, that little spamming jerk from Qwest's NYC sales office,
NAME REMOVED, should start finding himself a new job while there is time.
And don't count on collecting unemployment.

Gee, I can be a real jerk on some days, and well: this is such a day.


What, did he spam your users through the whois database, and copy you on it
since you are the tech contact ? @qwest.com went right in the